• Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can apply for a COVR award?
A: Any legal entity in Europe can apply for the COVR Awards.

Q: How many open calls are there and when are they?
A: There are three rounds of open calls planned during the course of the COVR project. All three Open Calls have been finished.

Q: Do I need to apply for an Award alone?
A: No. You can also team up with partners and apply for an Award in a consortium. Maybe you need to e.g. incorporate a new type of safety device in your cobot application and thus team up with the safety device supplier to find out how to apply the COVR toolkit and test the combined cobot system.

Q: How do I apply for a COVR Award?
A: You’ll find all the relevant information in the COVR Award Applicant kit. When the kit is published, you’ll find it here on the web page.

Q: How much are the Awards and what can I use the funding for?
A: A single institution can be awarded up to 60.000 Euro for a single award and a maximum cumulative total of 100.000 Euro for multiple awards. The funding can be used for e.g. developing and maturing your product and finding out how to apply the COVR toolkit and perform relevant testing and validation methods. 

Q: That sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?
A: No catch at all! All the COVR project asks in return is that you help us mature the COVR toolkit and develop the test methodologies and verification methods required for your specific product or system. We’ll then update the COVR toolkit so at the end of the project we'll have a working toolkit; available to all coboteers, co-developed by you, the people who work with cobot technology every day.

Q: What are the evaluation criteria?
A: Please consult the Award Applicant kit when it becomes available.

Q: We don’t live in any of the EU member states of the participating RTO's of COVR. Can we apply?
A: Yes, certainly! Any legal entity in any EU member state can apply.

Q: We are an SME from outside the EU. Can we apply for an Award?
A: No, unfortunately not. Only EU based companies can apply for a COVR Award.

Q: In case of an EU audit, what is the hourly rate?
A: Personnel costs in COVR Award projects are based on your own internal guidelines for calculating the hourly rate, with no additional overhead.

Q: Can I access my application again, after closing the browser?
A: Yes, you can open/close your application as many times as you wish. This will also allow you to create an early draft application to see the exact questions asked.

Q: Is it possible to upload pictures in your application?
Currently the application portal does not allow for adding pictures to applications.

Q: Is there a list of available equipment at partner sites?
A: No, if an applicant needs to know about available testing equipment at possible ARP, he/she should directly contact that specific COVR partner.

Q: What language should applications be in?
A: All applications must be written in English.

Q: Does the award funding fall under the De minimis rule?
A: No, the funding received through a COVR Award is not considered de minimis payments.

Q: Is it possible to have eligible expenses before the contract signature?
A: No, only expenses incurred after contract signature can be covered by the COVR Award.

Q: Can an Awardee subcontract costs? Are there limits (like the 15% limit for equipment and 15% for travel)?
A: Awardees can subcontract up to 20% of the award sum. Only companies based in the EU can be used.

Q: Where will the introduction course take place? How many persons should attend and how long?
A: The introductory course will take place at the ARP.

Q: What is the latest end date for COVR Award work?
A: All work must be completed no later than 9 months after the subgranting agreement has been signed.

Q: Is it possible to apply for less than 60k euro?
A: For single applicants the answer is no, as the funding amount is fixed at EUR 60.000. For consortium applications, each partner can receive less than EUR 60.000 as long as the total sum across all partners amount to at least EUR 60.000.

Q: Do beneficiaries need to keep hour registrations in EC-approved way?
A: Beneficiaries must follow the companies own internal hour registration procedures.

Q: What are the evaluation criteria?
A: Please consult the COVR Applicants Guide. If you have further questions, you can also see the COVR Award Evaluator Guide to see how Reviewers are being instructed to evaluate applications.

Q: In case of a consortium application, will each beneficiary be funded independently or through the primary beneficiary?
A: The payments will be to the individual Award partners. But the primary beneficiary will be responsible for submitting the payment request.

Q: Can I add links in my application?
A: No, linked content will not be taken into consideration by the reviewers.

Q: I have submitted my application in the submission platform, but would like to change it before the deadline. Is it possible ?
A: If you need to implement a critical change, you can write to a COVR Consortium Partner and have them reopen your application.

Q: The organization needs to be one year old to apply - what does that mean?
A: The organization must be registered no later than one year previous to the closing date of the open call.