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COVR exists to significantly increase safety for humans and robots working in shared spaces.

What is Covr?

COVR is working to offer a free toolkit for coboteers to determine how to test and validate safety for their collaborative robot application or component.

COVR's mission is to increase safety for all robots sharing space with humans by applying skill-based testing across robot domains. Increasing safety for collaborative robots enables new innovative applications, thus increasing production and job creation for companies utilizing the technology.

COVR will offer coboteers the possibility to apply for a COVR Award of up to 60.000€, to test the safety testing services offered by COVR; either alone on in a consortium with other coboteers.

COVR is driven by Danish Technological Insititute (DTI), Roessingh Research and Development (RRD), The French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), Fraunhofer IFF and The National Research Council (CNR).

COVR works with all companies in the cobot value chain. From robot and components manufacturers over system integrators to end-users to provide value and safety in all stages of cobot adaption. Whether you're an established company seeking to deploy cobots or an innovative startup with a prototype of a cobot related product, COVR will help you analyze, test and validate the safety for that application.

How does Covr work?

Anyone with a cobot related technology (e.g. robot, gripper, safety device or sensor) can apply for a COVR Award of up to €60.000; either alone or in a consortium.

Upon winning a COVR Award, the coboteers will be invited into one of the safety laboratories in DK, DE, NL, FR or IT to test their cobot component or system while being assisted by experts at the laboratories.

Throughout the project, COVR will hold workshops to introduce coboteers to the COVR principle, the toolkit and the Award application process. The COVR Awards will be available in three call rounds, and after each Award project, the coboteer will know exactly how to safety certify their cobot system or component.

COVR will host several Open Lab events at the partner sites to promote state-of-the-art cobot and safety technologies to coboteers, safety experts, investors and much more.

COVR is driven by five national research and technology organisations. Through the development of an intuitive toolkit and a range of testing protocols for validation of safety for cobots, COVR will increase the safety of all types of collaborative robots across all domains.

The Danish Technological Institute (DTI) develops, applies and transfers technology to industry and society. DTI's main activities in robotics are located in Odense in the Centre for Robot Technology. We are a leading European robotics innovator with a staff of more than 45 robotic experts. We provide individual consultancy, actual working industrial solutions, courses, and networking opportunities, as well as performing applied research and development.

We house specialists within cobot safety, handling and process robotics, quality control and inspection in 2D and 3D, service and mobile logistics robotics and production optimization.

Our two robot innovation halls are living labs, which work both as an inspiring visitor centre and as a focal point for the Institute's technical development and testing of innovative technology for both industry, production, welfare and service.