• COVR at European Robotics Forum 2018

1/19/2018 ERF - events -

COVR will attend the European Robotics Forum 2018 with two workshops.

The recently started EU project »COVR – Being safe around collaborative and versatile robots in shared spaces« understands that safety will continue to be a major barrier to more widespread robotics use unless regulations are easy to access, understand, and apply.

To counter this, the COVR consortium, coordinated by the Danish Technological Institute (DTI) aims to provide a one-stop shop, which uses a common approach to safety assessment and is valid across all fields and applications.

COVR will support all coboteers along the value chain to validate their systems by offering a range of services in shared safety facilities throughout Europe. Additionally, we focus on bringing all (EU) national stakeholders (certification, insurance, end-user organizations, etc.) together to introduce EU-wide validation procedures and support harmonization.

ERF-Workshop »COVR – Shared Safety Facilities«

COVR will attend the European Robotics Forum 2018 with two workshops.

The first workshop will open with an introduction to the goals of the COVR project and the mechanisms involved including services offered and FSTP opportunities. Then the matchmaking will take place, where coboteers (industry, SMEs, and research) can shortly present their challenges / issues where they could need COVR support and to look for partners for FSTP mechanisms.

The second workshop will be a round-table discussion with invited stakeholders including members from EU-OSHA, occupational health insurance providers, certification bodies, insurance providers, domain stakeholders and research and development.

WORKSHOP 1: Wednesday, 14.3.2018, 14.00-15.30                                                  

1. Introduction of workshop and overall goals of both sessions (10 minutes)
Thomas Madsen, DTI
2. COVR project overview 
14:05-14:15- » COVR project overview and main goals«
Thomas Madsen, DTI
14:15-14:20 - »COVR expected impact, role of stakeholders and coboteers«
José Saenz, Fraunhofer IFF
14:20-14:25 - »Healthcare and rehabilitation considerations«
Jaap Burke, RRD
14:25-14:35 - »Example of protocols«
Federico Vicentini, CNR
14:35-14:45 - »FSTP Mechanisms, Timeline«
Catherine Bidard, CEA
3. Elevator pitches for matchmaking (14:45-15:30)
Moderation Thomas Madsen, DTI
Download the template for the elevator pitches here

WORKSHOP 2: Wednesday, 14.3.2018, 16.15-17.15
Moderation Thomas Madsen, DTI

1. Introduction of round table participants (10 minutes)
2. Moderated round table discussion (30 minutes)
    1. How can we use data-driven techniques to get better support from Occupational Health and Safety Agencies and accident insurers?
    2. How can we better harmonize certification across EU countries (e.g. a system certified in Poland not automatically certified for Italy), even though the standards and EU-regulations are the same? What information could research provide to support these efforts?
    3. What are the most pressing issues in terms of validation of safety from the standardization perspective?
    4. What open questions can research and industrial community help investigate to provide best practice?
3. Audience questions (10 minutes)
4. Conclusion and outlook (10 minutes)

We look forward to seeing you at the workshop and hearing your input!

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